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We want your A-List Treasures experience to exceed your expectations and strive to continue to improve what we do based on your feedback. Contact us by or via email at [email protected]


Login and Registration

How do I register on the website?

Click on the registration box at the top of the website page. Provide all of the information requested.  Create a login ID and a password.

Do I have to register to place a bid on an item?

Yes. We have organized our registration process to be very simple. Once you registered at A-List Treasures, you will not need to register again.

What security measures does A-List Treasures use to keep my personal and payment information safe?

Safeguarding your personal information is of the utmost importance to us, which is why we use PayPal. PayPal offers Purchase Protection to those shopping on our site as well as identity theft protection. For more details, read the multiple protection services covered by your PayPal account by clicking on the following link: 


From a physical security standpoint, our servers are maintained in a secured, limited-access hosting center. In order for us to contact you, our employees do have access to your name and contact information. However, no one has access to your credit card information.

Can children bid on auction items?

No, all A-List Treasures registered bidders must be of legal age. Children are not allowed to place bids at any time.

How do I choose or change my screen name?

You may choose any screen name you wish, as long as it isn't already in use by another registered user. Your screen name will be displayed on the website in the bidding history, so you may wish to choose a screen name that does not reveal your identity. If you want to change your screen name, you must create a new account. If you want us to delink an inactive account, you may email us at [email protected]


Managing My Account

I forgot my password. How do I login to my account?

A new password can automatically be reset through the password reset on the login page. Simply click on Lost password, provide your user name or email address and you will be sent an email to reset your password.

Can I change my password?

Yes, you can change your current password. After logging into your account, click Account info at the top of the page. You can update your registration information and change your password here.

How can I update my credit card or PayPal information?

PayPal accounts can only be updated by logging into PayPal directly.

Can I alternate charges between credit cards and PayPal accounts?

All payments are done through PayPal. PayPal gives a buyer the option to choose the method of payment you wish to use for a particular purchase. Paying with a credit card on Paypal is an option.  The link to PayPal is www.paypal.com.


Browsing and Searching

General Tips

Because we offer such a wide variety of auction items, we encourage browsing at A-List Treasures. You can browse by a specific celebrity auction on the Home page and view all of their specific auction items or by a particular category such as "fashion". Scroll down to see the items available for bidding. There may be multiple pages, and if so click on the next page to continue to view additional items. Searches can also be conducted using the Search Field box in the top right corner of each page. Search by celebrity name, item type or category.

Can I search by celebrity name?

Yes, simply type the name into the search field and you will be directed to a results page that displays all of auction lots related to that celebrity. You may also search using auction lot numbers, charity, item name or any relevant reference that might be included in the description of the auction lot.

Can I search past auctions?

No. Once an auction is over, the item will be removed from the viewable website. 

Can I search future auctions?

Yes. Future auctions can be viewed as items become available and posted to the site, but bids cannot yet be accepted until the auction begins.

How do I place a bid?

Once you are registered, you are ready to place bids. Go to the desired auction item and enter the amount you wish to bid in the box provided. Your bid must be at least for the required amount shown for the next bid. Click on the Bid on Item box to enter your bid. Your current bid and the next minimum bid are displayed. A bid cannot be retracted, so be certain of your bid before you click the Bid on Item box.
Maximum Proxy Bid

Maximum proxy bidding allows you to bid the maximum amount you wish to bid for an auction lot. Your maximum bid won't be displayed to other bidders, but will be displayed as the current bid based on the bidding increment. The following example illustrates maximum proxy bidding:
  • Auction Lot 100 has a current bid of $0. The minimum bid is $200.
  • Joe places and confirms a maximum bid of $500. Joe's bid is displayed as $200. The next minimum bid is $250.
  • Mary places a bid of $250, but she is automatically notified onscreen that the bid was not accepted because it did not exceed the maximum bid placed by a previous bidder (Joe)
  • Joe's bid is automatically increased to $250.
  • If no other bids are placed, Joe is the winner at $250.
  • If another bidder overtakes Joe's $500 max bid, he will receive an outbid notice.

In rare instances, the winning bidder may inadvertently "bid up" his or her own max bid if the subsequent max bid prompts a higher bid increment. Continuing the example above:
  • Sally places a bid of $500, but since Joe bid $500 first, he is still the winner at $500.
  • Joe sees that another bidder is interested and decides that he wants to increase his max bid from $500 to $700.
  • Because the bid is over his original bid of $500, Joe has outbid himself and now has a winning bid based on the bidding increment of the current auction.

In this case the bidding increment after $500 is $100 so the Joe’s next bid is $600. Reviewing the bid activity for any given lot and our published bid increments (see below) will assist you in determining appropriate max bid amounts. If you have any questions, contact us at [email protected]

You may need to refresh the page on your browser after you adjust your maximum proxy bid.

What are the bidding increments?

Bidding increments are set when the auction is opened. For example and item may have an opening bid of $100, with the next minimum bid being $150. Therefore the bidding increment on the item would be $50. Bidding increments may differ with each auction item.

Will I get notified if I am outbid?

Yes, you will receive an email if you have been outbid to provide you with an opportunity to bid again on that item. You may also increase your maximum proxy bid amount without revealing that amount to other bidders to better assure you will win the item.

How do I know if I’m a winning bidder on an item?

You will receive an email stating that you are the winning bidder.  YOU ARE OBLIGATED TO COMPLETE THE PURCHASE AS THE WINNING BIDDER.  

How do I pay for an item?

Please go to "My Account" in the upper right-hand corner of the page and select "My Account". Under the "Bidding" headline in the left-hand column of the page, click "Won". Locate the item that you would like to make a payment on and click "Checkout". A link for PayPal will appear. Please sign into your PayPal account to make a payment. All past payments can be found in your "My Account" profile under "Purchases" (located in the left-hand column of the page under "Invoices"). All payments are processed through PayPal. PayPal allows for payments to be made via your checking account or credit card. The amount on the final invoice will include shipping, handling and any applicable sales tax. For auction lots that are of a very high value, we can accept wire transfers or bank checks. If you are interested in paying via alternate methods, please contact us at [email protected] prior to the auction close. A-List Treasures does not accept personal checks.

Shipping and Handling

All shipping charges will be the responsibility of the winning bidder. A-List Treasures uses UPS, FedEx or freight service for shipping of all items. A-List Treasures calculates shipping based on item weight and destination. We charge a minimum of $9.95 for shipping, handling and processing for all lots. We insure everything for the full value of the actual winning bid. We review the weight and value for all lots and average the cost of shipping by location to determine a realistic shipping charge unless the terms indicate special delivery instructions. Shipping charges may vary based upon the location of the winner and will not be calculated until the auction is won and the winning bidder provides shipping information.

Sales Tax

Sales Tax will be charged for bidders in the following states: Michigan.

How do I see how much an item closed for?

With the exception of the winning bidder, winning bid prices will not be disclosed unless expressly directed to do so by the auction owner.

Is the amount I paid for an auction lot tax-deductible?

A portion of the amount that is paid for the auction may be tax-deductible. Generally, the amount paid for an item in excess of its market value is tax deductible as a charitable contribution. Please email us at [email protected] for more information on the tax deductibility of specific auction items.

Can I have items that I win shipped to a different shipping address?

Yes. Items can be shipped to a different shipping address than the address you entered on the site registration form. On the invoice that is generated under the My Account profile, you can click the "select button" next to either the shipping or billing address to create a new address if necessary.  You can also add additional addresses for future use under your My Account Profile under the My Account heading.

Can I retract a bid?

Bid retraction is not possible. Please be sure of your bid before you place any bid.


Receiving and Redeeming Your Winnings

When will I receive my item?

Item receipt will depend upon processing time and which shipping option is available for a given auction.  A-List Treasures strives to provide the best service possible.  It is our intent to have items shipped within 5 days of the auction end date.  Shipping time will depend upon the shipping service.  If you wish to have an item expedited at a higher shipping cost than was quoted with the auction item, please contact us with your request at [email protected]

What shipping options does A-List Treasures offer?

Please review the available shipping options via UPS, FedEx or freight service provided on an individual auction item, as they differ from auction to auction depending on size, weight and value of the item.
Unless a fixed shipping cost is provided, shipping charges may need to be calculated after an item is won

All shipping charges are the responsibility of the winning bidder and are calculated based on the shipping destination provided by the winning bidder. Shipping charges vary greatly throughout the US, Canada, Mexico and internationally.


Partnering with A-List Treasures

How can the non-profit I work for benefit from working with A-List Treasures?

Please contact [email protected] for more information on our partnership opportunities.

I’m a celebrity, how can I set up an auction for my possessions?

Please contact Lauren Davis to discuss auction eligibility for your possessions at [email protected]

How can I donate to an A-List Treasures auction?

Please contact Lauren Davis to discuss auction eligibility for your possessions at [email protected]

International Bidding

How are conversion rates used on A-List Treasures?

All bids placed are in U.S. dollars and no conversion rates are applied. International shipping estimates are not provided on the site at this time. If you are the winning bidder on an item, we can ship internationally but will need to provide the shipping quote to you post auction if you are the winning bidder once your shipping address is provided. If you know you will be shipping an item overseas, and want a shipping estimate in advance of placing a bid, please contact us at [email protected]