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About Us

A-List Treasures is an exclusive auction website for celebrities of all types who wish to turn their possessions into cash for their favorite charity, private foundation or simply create liquidity for their estates. Celebrity treasures shouldn’t get lost in a sea of ordinary auction items on overstocked websites. These pre-owned prizes are unique treasures because of who owned them.


  • As a buyer, you get a special object or collectible that was previously owned by someone you admire.
  • A celebrity recycles what they no longer want or need into charitable contributions for the causes they wish to support, or create liquidity for their estate.
  • A charity or private foundation benefits from the proceeds to help those in need and further expand their community outreach.


Lauren Davis is the Founder of A-List Treasures, LLC and has over 35 years of experience in the workforce. Her career over the past 21 years as a Certified Investment Management Analyst (CIMA®) and professional investment advisor to high net worth individuals, closely held corporations and charitable foundations gave her the insight on how and why to create liquidity in high net worth estates. Her experience on charitable boards gave her the vision to expand the ways charities can raise money through broader geographic exposure and maximize charitable contributions without expensive setup costs or million-dollar commitments.


Rick Davis is our Logistics Manager. Following a 35 year career as the CEO of a privately-owned, tier-one automotive supply manufacturing company, he has kindly volunteered to make certain our highly-prized auction items reach their end destination in a timely, secure and economical manner.


Eryka Symington is our Director of Social Media. She is a recent graduate of the University of Michigan with a BA in Communications where she studied approaches to mass media, media processes and effects, managing the current social media environment, ethics, the internet as popular culture and the legal issues surrounding the internet and social media. Eryka is responsible for getting us in the public eye and publishing the good work we do for celebrities, their charities and their fans.


Michelle Anstett is our Auction Manager. Michelle has achieved success as an eBay seller, earning the highest rating of 100% satisfaction, as well as Power Seller status. When asked about her eBay experience, Michelle replied: “Customer satisfaction was my number one goal. I would not put my name on anything that I could not guarantee. Honesty and integrity are very important to me.” Michelle looks forward to bringing this same work ethic and enthusiasm to A-List Treasures. Michelle also brings an extensive background in Office Management and Executive Administration, in both the public and private sectors.


Alison Davis is our photographer. She is a photography instructor and freelance photographer for 15+ years. Alison holds a BFA in photography from the University of Michigan and a Masters in photography from Wayne State University. Working in both traditional and digital platforms, Alison specializes in fine art and family images. Alison and her student have won numerous local, regional and national photographic awards.


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